Commercial Paving

Parking Lot Paving

Many lots are new construction, which follows the same procedure listed about in driveway construction, but Joseph A. Russo Paving also offer reclamation which pulverizes existing asphalt surface and mixes it with underlying base. We then fine grade area for proper drainage and install and compact with 3 or 4″ of asphalt depending on what best suits traffic flow for each business. We also offer resurfacing of large lots which includes removing debris, i.e., loose existing asphalt, vegetation, etc. We then power blow surface clean, before filling and compacting pot holes in various depths. We then install and compact a shim coat, which levels all irregularities in existing asphalt grade, this allows uniform thickness during top coat installation. I install ONLY a 1.5″ top finish coat, simply because 1″ is not strong enough. Moreover the compaction process is vital in achieving proper density in Asphalt type, density gives the asphalt mat its strength!

Joseph A. Russo Paving have installed over 100 parking lots from Middlebury to Bennington, Killington to Fairhaven, and everything in between. Projects are wide based, from well known restaurant chains, hotels, ski shops, gas station convenience stores, drug stores, shopping plazas, schools, post offices, convenient stores, every genre of business. We have successfully installed quality time, and time again.

Roadway Paving

Joseph A. Russo Paving have successfully executed and completed miles of road projects during the last 25 years, including Rutland city streets, several town road projects and two of the most recent residential developments in Rutland town, Winnridge located off East Pittsford Road in Rutland Town and Windemere located in Rutland Town off Killington Avenue. We have also contracted road work with the state of Vermont and assisted Pike Industries in completing gutters, driveways aprons, and side roads on several state of Vermont highway projects.

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