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Driveway Paving

Joseph A. Russo Paving excavates a minimum of 16″. We then compact the sub base, which is a vital process in preventing future base failure, which leads to pavement failure. Ground stabilization mat is installed on compacted sub base, before back filling with crushed sur-pack, which meets Vermont AOT Specifications. We then fine grade for proper drainage and compact with a vibratory roller. I then saturate compacted aggregate, and re-compact, this achieves maximum compaction rate of sur pack. The area will then settle for approximately 3 week period in which time you may have full use of area. We then install and compact 3″ of Asphalt in 2 coats: 1.75″ of 3/4″ base course and 1.25″ of 3/8″ Top finish coat. This process includes a 5 year warranty which involves free asphalt repair on any areas directly related ot base failure under normal use conditions. We are confident in this process simply because over the course of 35 years, we have built over 1,000 driveways, and have tried various applications; this process is by far, the very best.

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